10/23 Adcock,Michele CO Ministry Evangelism Missionary (MSC)
12/05 Aiken,Charlie CO Retiree - Missionary
10/30 Austin,Bill CO Retiree - Missionary
01/01 Badry,Jay CO Family and Church
03/04 Badry,Rebecca CO State Missions Leader
09/14 Banks,Kellie CO Family and Church
01/15 Banks,Michael CO Church Planter Pastor
01/05 Barley,Bryan CO Church Planting Missionary Pastor
07/30 Barley,Megan CO Family and Church
10/17 Barrera,Al CO Director Campus Ministry
08/08 Barros,Jeffrey CO Air Force Chaplain Candidate
07/14 Bass,Charles CO Misc. Institutional Volunteer
10/31 Beckler,Cheri CO Family and Church
12/26 Beckler,Joe CO Church Planting Missionary
08/11 Behnke,Roland CO Retiree - Missionary
01/10 Biby,Cody CO Christian Challenge Director (BSM Director)
04/27 Biby,Melissa CO Christian Challenge Director (BSM Director)
05/04 Brand,Brenda CO Local (County) Jail Volunteer
04/08 Brand,Jonathan CO Local (County) Jail Volunteer
01/06 Britton,David CO Evangelism and Multihousing Coordinators
Missionary Updates
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