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Out There!

A mission field is:

a) a place where you play baseball
b) any place you find people who need to hear about God’s love
c) an invisible wall that surrounds you to protect you from danger
d) a war zone

Did you guess the right answer?   Read on, and you’ll see.

Maybe you have heard people say they are going to the mission field.  They may be going someplace many miles away, but the truth is they are more than likely in a mission field right where they are.  That’s because a mission field is any place you find people who need to hear about God’s love.  (Smile if you got the right answer—B—above!)

Think about how the following “places” in your life can be mission fields.  Who do you know in these “fields?”  Why do they need to hear about God’s love?  What are ways you can share?

  • Home
  • Neighborhood
  • School
  • Church
  • Community
  • State
  • Nation
  • World
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